Guidelines, not to be strictly followed*

A few of the better-looking guys I know have been asking me about how to seal the deal with women. Keep in mind, that what I'm about to write is only catered towards the guys that are better looking. This usually doesn't work if you don't have your face, mouth piece, and gear in check. College girls will be covered in part two, but for now, this is how I deal with the post-college girls...

Unlike when I'm in the college bars, I almost immediately break away from my friends. I quietly sit alone (somewhere I can be seen), people watch. Why would I do this? If you're a decently good-looking guy, women will grow curious as to who you are, and why you're sitting alone.

Women do keep tabs on what the men in the room are doing, so you DON'T want to be one of those guys approaching every woman you see. They'll notice it, and you'll come off as desperate; A guy without girls. They'll immediately write you off.

Now what would a player do if he doesn't have one of his women with him? He would lay back, relax, as if he doesn't give a fuck about whether he gets another girl or not. Do you see real power players running around chasing women? No. They're usually layed back somewhere, and women are approaching them.

Sitting alone makes it easier for them to approach you. And if they approach you, then guess what. You have effectively reversed the game. You know that she's into you, so there's little you can do to mess it up.

If they're too shy to approach you, then they'll at least come hover around you, at which point you talk to them. You lay back, relax, and project your voice. What to say? Anything simple. "Where'd you get that tattoo?", "I like your hair.", "You look so bored.". If she's into you, she won't care what you say, as long as it isn't something completely weird. I wrote the above quotes because I've used them and they all have worked for me.

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