you should have been the leader and been the one setting up events and inviting people out. It’s how social game works. The guys at the center of it inevitably attract the attention of the women. Come on man, it’s basic social game 101. You should know this by now. I wrote an entire guide about it.

As for what you said, you did the right thing, even though it may not have been the right thing to do. You should never let a woman manipulate you. However, I think you went about it in the wrong way. Never give any kind of ultimatum or ask someone to make a serious decision via text. Things like that need to be done face to face.

That being said, you could have cut out the complete second part of your text. It shows nothing more than jealousy, which is VERY unattractive. I can pretty much guarantee that she’s going to stop hanging around you and avoid you any chance that she can. Protect your feelings? You’re sounding like a woman. Be a man, suck it up, and deal with rejection. It’s a part of life.

Had you expressed what you wanted face to face, and cut out that jealousy part, she may have actually given you a chance. Please tell me that you are new to my blog. Because any guy who reads my blog would know this. And the part that really confuses me, is that you knew you were screwing up. At least you took a risk, so I guess something good came out of this.

Interesting that you've been reading Mystery's stuff recently; I started watching season 1 of The Pickup Artist a couple days ago. By the way, I don't care what you say about watching t.v., it does have its place. Our brains need rest in order to function optimally; they can't always be on. For me t.v. is a great way to passively take in information or just be distracted while resting. Watching pickup has other obvious advantages over reading about it; I just wish there was more quality pickup video out there to watch! Just like Mystery has a bad rap, so does t.v.

Don't get me wrong; I do understand where you're coming from. T.V. can lead to laziness etc. Everything in moderation. I'm sure you know all this, but maybe some of your readers don't realize it. Plus, I couldn't let you get away with the comment in your latest one-night stand guide, where you said you've done more research then I ever will. Don't expect all your readers to be uneducated; at least one is a Ph.D. student.

I did enjoy the guide, although I have not yet pulled a ONS (I've done it in the past while drunk). I am still working at the root of the problem, which is mostly in my head. I also made most of the changes you suggested, all except getting rid of the glasses. I've read that contact lense wearers have a pretty significant lifetime risk of severe infection. Not willing to risk my sight for a 10.

I have been getting several girls say things like "we should hang out" or whatever, so I know your advice has definitely helped. But I am still getting nervous and my mind literally shuts down not just around girls but around people in general. Social anxiety. By the way, what is your take on psychologists? No one seems to talk about them in the community. I am seeing one, but it is hard to tell if it is working. Keep it real.

Wow. I could care less about how much someone watches TV. It has nothing to do with women. It’s nice to know that you’ve done more research than me…but wait, you do realize that I’m referring to women,

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