Getting her life story is critical, this is probably why a lot of you guys have trouble with mid-game and closing (you rely too much on the material). Get her life story, and you'll never run out of things to talk about. I usually get her life story and look for connections I can make between her and I. Did you notice my response to when she asked me my name? You may be thinking "Well, she did ask you first", but remember CHICKS DON'T THINK LOGICALLY.
Friday night at Brothers

I then keep lightly negging her about her life (her preppy college, Miami U). By using the info from her life story, I decide that it's time to number close her (I did it within five minutes of talking to her). However, I used a new psychological technique I've been trying out lately. I offer her my number instead and tell her that she should call me if she wants, but she oblidges to give me her number and insists that I should call her. We exchange numbers.
As soon as we get there, Chris introduces me to his friends and they come over to Brothers with us (We started at Gaswerks). His friend dances up on me, kisses me, and gives me her number (to summarize). One random hot girl sits on my lap. New Dan gets a sexy ass striptease in front of him by a hot girl. I opened and number closed a girl using direct game (I was curious about her tongue piercing, which was a ring). Another girl buys me a drink without me asking. In fact, I don't think I moved from my stool the entire night, but I kicked ass using simple direct game. Wait, I did open one girl that Owen previously opened. I used direct game on her, nothing special. She didn't shut me out (we had a good, regular conversation. She'll notice me the next time she sees me at Brothers, and I'll escalate from there, like I always do), but I could tell she had somewhere to be so I said goodbye.

Each time I negged her, I rewarded her for not flipping out. For instance, I would say "Miami U? You're one of those preppy girls." She'd try to explain herself, and I'd cut her off with "That's good though, there's nothing wrong with being preppy.". Another example is when I called her a nerd. She'd try to explain herself again, but I'd cut her off again with "I like nerdy women, so you're good in my books.".
Saturday night at Brothers/the meeting

Do you see how I'm pushing her away with the negs, and then pulling her back in with a compliment regaurding the neg? I'm creating a range of emotions in her, and I'm also slowly placing myself as the prize when I compliment her. By constantly disapproving and approving of her, it shows that she's the one impressing me, not vice versa.
Nothing special, opened maybe two sets the entire night. The first set, a hot two-set from San Diego, I opened when I saw one of them spill part of her drink on a friend. I think I said "Party foul!" and went from there. To keep this short, the hotter of the two kept kino-ing me, so I took her on the dance floor. Everything was going well, but this is where I started to mess up. I took her off of the dance floor waaaay too early (we dance to maybe two songs). As I'm dragging her away, I release her hand, she holds on anyway. I was so worried about my wings getting the other girl, that I just had to check up on them to make sure everything was going well. I got back, and they were with two other girls, while her friend was occupied by two other guys. Unable to work two guys and two girls by myself, I bail on the set. I should have built more interest by keeping my girl on the dance floor. My first mistake in a loong time.

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